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Applications are the heart of your business

Monitor and protect them at runtime

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Application security visibility like never before

Identify the threats that your applications are actually seeing in real-time

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Your applications can protect themselves

Prevoty's Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) Solution means no coding required to prevent malicious attacks, data exfiltration, and neutralize application vulnerabilities

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Prevoty’s security engine prevents data exfiltration, malicious content, user identity spoofing, and neutralizes existing vulnerabilities instantly without requiring application changes

Quicker Time-to-Market
for New Applications

Developers can focus on releasing features that support the business, not wasting time remediating legacy applications


Prevoty’s approach means dramatically reduced requirement for security expertise from developers and more efficient use of security teams

Real-time analysis, alerting and neutralization

Inputs, outputs, database queries, tokens, etc. are processed in real-time and the engine can alert, transform or block in order to keep your applications and data safe and secure

Easy, flexible deployment

Prevoty’s security engine runs in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premise as a virtual appliance

No coding required

Instrumenting existing applications is as simple as dropping in a Java or .NET plug-in

Legacy Applications

Whether your legacy applications have known vulnerabilities or not, Prevoty's security engine can monitor and protect them

Just drop in the plug-ins for Java or .NET

New applications

Developers can now build in robust security monitoring and protection including content sanitization, cryptography, typed input validation with a simple function call

SDKs are available for almost any language

Third Party Applications

Take the risk out of using applications from independent software vendors

If you deploy third party Java or .NET applications in your environment (or have them hosted for you), it's easy to add Prevoty's application security to monitor and protect them

Context matters

Unlike network security products such as WAFs, Prevoty uses both content and context within an application to accurately identify and neutralize malicious payloads without introducing false positives

No exposure to zero day attacks

Prevoty’s technology has no dependency on patterns, signatures, taint analysis, behavioral analysis or learning, meaning that even if an attack has never been seen before, it will still be caught by the security engine and dealt with appropriately

Beyond the perimeter

Prevoty’s security engine is called from inside the application itself and so can detect threats from API-based and other attacks that bypass perimeter security products

Built for speed

Advanced design and no use of pattern matching algorithms means the security engine processes even complex payloads in less than 1/10th of a millisecond

Focus on the risk

Prevoty’s security engine does not act as a proxy, meaning that only the inputs and outputs that might contain malicious content are processed by the engine so there is no performance impact on applications

Your choice: fast or fast

Your applications can be easily instrumented to call our high-performance secure cloud infrastructure

Alternatively, deploy a Prevoty Virtual Appliance in your own network

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