451 Research Impact Report

Prevoty charges ahead with language-theoretic security and expanded reach. LANGSEC, or language-theoretic security, is uncovering threats in enterprise applications like never before.Prevoty continues to impress industry analyst firm 451 Research. In this report, analysts explore what makes Prevoty's LANGSEC uniquely effective at application self-defense.

"[LangSec] extends Prevoty's coverage to a wider variety of application implementations and makes its products more effective at parsing obfuscated code. . . In one case, Prevoty. . .processed more than one billion HTTP requests over the course of a year [and] conducted 300+ million transformations. Within a trailing 30-day window, the company stopped more than five million XSS attacks.”

Scott Crawford
451 Research

In addition to stopping hundreds of millions of code injections, Prevoty has upgraded the performance of its runtime security, expanded capabilities to include web and microservices, and partnered with key players like Amazon Web Services and Splunk.

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