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Autonomous Application

Real-time visibility and protection for critical applications and data via Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

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How it works

Prevoty's Runtime Application Self Protection provides application & data security visibility & protection in production


Prevoty plug-ins use deep instrumentation to inspect application activity at runtime


Provides visibility into attack execution in production applications


Instant mitigation against attacks including the OWASP Top 10, including content, database and command injections


If the payload is malicious, alerts are issued to log files and any configured SIEMs

Prevoty's RASP is compatible with

Legacy Applications
New Applications
3rd Party Applications
Web Services
Cloud Applications


Prevoty's Runtime Application Self Protection product serves top enterprises across numerous industries such as: banking & financials, healthcare, retail, eCommerce & more.

Fares Alraie
Director of Product & Security
#1 Global Payments Co.

That cycle of writing, testing, and retesting your own packages will diminish quickly -- saving you money.

Mackenzie Kosut
Head of Technical Operations
Oscar Healthcare

Everything is humming along as it was before, a beautiful demonstration of Prevoty. If security is done well, you don’t even see it.

Rob McCurdy
CISO Michigan State University

Prevoty has a higher correct rate than testing or firewalls, and the fullest possible picture of what’s actually being executed in real-time.

Roger Thornton

Prevoty’s platform offers a new paradigm: accurate detection of and response to attacks on production applications without impacting performance.

Thomas Bertling
Senior Information Security Engineer
Top 3 Global Network of Exchanges and Clearing Houses

Speed, scale and security are the core principles of DevSecOps. We need to move fast and Prevoty provides us with the visibility we need to make the right call.

Dr. Edward G. Amoroso
Founder of TAG Cyber & former CISO of AT&T

Now RASP has all kind of cool self-learning techniques where the execution environment reconfigures itself to respond to bad conditions. I always figured this was futuristic, until the Prevoty team showed me it was available now – which is good news.

Case Studies

Prevoty's RASP solutions serve top enterprises across numerous industries such as: banking & financials, healthcare, retail, eCommerce & more.

#1 Global 
Payments Co.

Trusted payments provider with secure software development life-cycle (SSDLC) culture partners with Prevoty for standardized, real-time protection.


Michigan State 

MSU implements language security technology to address runtime application threat gap and centrally manage security in complex, open IT environment.



Oscar’s radical approach to healthcare and agile application development methodology requires unparalleled security.


Real-Time Insights

Monitoring provides unprecedented visibility into the security events of an application at runtime. We help you see the previously unseen -- what happens after an application is deployed in production -- and deliver that data to any SIEM, logging tool, or network appliance.

Prevoty Integrates with:


IBM QRadar

and all major SIEM data stores

about Integrations


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