A Message from Prevoty’s CEO


 Hi everyone, 

I have some very exciting news to share today. Imperva – a leading global provider of best-in-class cybersecurity solutions on-premises, in the cloud and across hybrid environments – has just announced its intention to acquire Prevoty. The press release has already been published, but let me give you the story from the founders of Prevoty. 

We are 5 years into our incredible journey of protecting applications against attacks in enterprise production environments, and this merger is not the end goal for the Prevoty team, this is only a milestone on the road to fulfilling the vision we had when Kunal and I founded the company in 2013. When we first started, Kunal and I believed in the mission of revolutionizing application security by adding protection and visibility to every piece of production software. We are well on our way there from a product perspective and market traction but not yet at the scale we were dreaming about.  Becoming part of Imperva will help us reach our goals at a different scale and pace. 

Both the board and the exec team have agreed that the opportunity to join Imperva is exciting and more importantly we think it will really allow us to accelerate the success of our mission. I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Imperva isn’t just buying our tech or market position, they aim to bring their strategic vision and ours together. Prevoty is a critical component of Imperva’s strategy moving forward, and they lean on us for more innovation and superb execution moving forward. Everyone on the Prevoty team will continue to have a job at Imperva. We will continue to work as a team to deliver best in class application protection solutions to the market.

When all of you joined this journey with us, either as employees, customers or partners, you backed our mission with amazing passion because we all believe in it. We now have the opportunity to globally scale this passion.

With Prevoty, Imperva will build, and take to market, an industry leading end-to-end application security monitoring and protection platform that will span the network edge, application, and data layers. One of the many goals of the platform is to cover a myriad of application types (on-premises, cloud, and serverless) and deployment processes (agile, CI/CD, DevOps).

Together with Imperva, we will enable organizations to better understand and respond to attacks by connecting three seemingly disparate but in fact related products: WAF (e.g., Incapsula and SecureSphere), RASP (Autonomous Application Protection), and DAM (e.g., SecureSphere and CounterBreach). Autonomous Application Protection is the connective tissue that will bind the platform (network and data) together. At Imperva, our product will continue to be named AAP (Autonomous Application Protection).

I am really looking forward to writing the next chapter in the evolution in application security and to making it into a reality for organizations of all sizes, anywhere in the world.