Application security solutions historically relied upon signatures, learning, blacklisting and whitelisting, pattern matching, heuristics, etc. These outmoded methods do not address the current threat landscape and cannot protect applications in production in real time. Sophisticated attacks exploit the written language of an application. 

Prevoty's language security (LANGSEC) approach to Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) neutralizes threats in context without requiring signatures or anomaly detection capabilities that have high false positive rates. Prevoty's RASP solutions perform with greater speed, accuracy, and scalability.

Autonomous Protection

Our flagship offering- Autonomous Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP)

In addition to monitoring applications at runtime, this solution also automatically neutralizes content, database and token threats before they become attacks.It performs the following functions:

Features of Prevoty RASP

Use cases addressed by Prevoty

Reducing Vulnerability backlog

With RASP, up to 100% of an Application Security Testing (AST) vulnerability backlog will not need immediate remediation. The threat will automatically be neutralized in case of attack in production allowing for better prioritization of remediation and higher efficiency.

Real Time Visibility into attacks

Implementing RASP empowers you identify potential vs. actual vulnerabilities by collecting all application event data and showing real (not theoretical) attacks in your SIEM, log, WAF, etc.

Support Faster Application Release Cycle

Push applications into production faster without worrying about vulnerabilities. Use Prevoty during the design/test phase to see what an application will do at runtime (e.g. database calls, file read/write, login/logout, etc.).

Bridge the DevSecOps Gap

Security and Development teams can coordinate even during agile and continuous development. Prevoty also centralizes security administration across multiple application development units.

Protect Legacy Applications

RASP instantly protects older, perhaps non-compliant legacy applications that do not have active development or dedicated remediation resources. By deploying Prevoty's RASP within legacy applications, organizations can protect even those applications that are not being actively developed.

Layered Defense

External protections like IPS and WAF serve as the first-line of defense, while RASP waits -- inside the application -- to intercept inputs and analyze how they interact with internal processes. RASP is the last line of defense.

Optimize the SSDLC /DevOps

RASP Plugins and SDKs can be an effective part of a proactive secure coding training program

Reduce Risk & Increase Compliance

With Runtime protection, PCI compliance can be achieved that is fast, accurate and simple to maintain.

Detailed Monitoring

Application monitoring is an integral part of Prevoty's RASP that provides unprecedented visibility into events of an application at runtime, in production. Prevoty provides visibility into the previously unseen -- what happens in an application once it is deployed in production -- and deliver an enriched data payload to any SIEM, logging tool, or network appliances.

Autonomous Protection from

& more

Cross-Site scripting
Unvalidated Redirects
Command Injection
Insecure Transport Protocol
Logging Sensitive Information
Uncaught Exceptions
Unauthorized Media
XML Injection
HTTP Response Splitting
Weak Authentication (Basic Auth)
SQL Injection
Unauthorized Markup
XML External Entity Injection
Path Traversal
HTTP Method Tampering
Database Access Violation
DOM Cross-Site Scripting
Cross-Site Request Forgery
JSON Injection
Weak Browser Cache Management

Seamless integration with DevOps

Align Application Security with Continuous Integration & Deployment (CICD)

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