Analyst Reports

Analyst Report
Flash Forward: A New Approach for Enterprise Application Security
According to Aberdeen, RASP empowers organizations to manage risk by differentiating potential threats from actual active attacks.
Analyst Report
The Impact of Security on Agile Development
New research shows 79% of companies release apps with known vulnerabilities
Analyst Report
451 Research Report on Prevoty RASP
Read why 451 Research calls Prevoty’s in-app approach a "no-brainer"
Analyst Report
The Real Root Cause of Breaches: Security and IT Pros at Odds over AppSec
Research shows this gaping disconnect be the real reason why we're so vulnerable to attack.
Analyst Report
Ovum 'On the Radar' Report
Why put RASP on your radar? Ovum's Richard Absalom investigates Prevoty's claims in his latest On the Radar report.
Analyst Report
Ponemon Report
New Ponemon Study Reveals Application Security Risk At All Time High: 1 in 2 Enterprises Need Better Protection
Analyst Report
451 Research: Prevoty charges ahead...
Information Security Analyst Scott Crawford and Patrick Daly discuss what sets Prevoty’s LANGSEC apart from the rest

Case Studies

Case Study
#1 Global Payments Company Optimizes Secure Development Process with Prevoty
Trusted payments provider partners with Prevoty for standardized, real-time protection
Case Study
MSU implements LANGSEC technology to address runtime threat gap
Michigan State University uses Prevoty to centrally manage application security in complex IT environment
Case Study
Oscar’s radical approach to healthcare requires unparalleled application security
Insurance innovator’s agile application development methodology requires fast, accurate RASP


Aberdeen Webinar
with Derek Brink of Aberdeen Group, focused on modern enterprise application security challenges.


April 5, 2017
Runtime Visibility to Align with DevOps
Programming languages are becoming more powerful and capable, and applications more porous than before.
March 21, 2016
Visualizing Security via LANGSEC
Prevoty CTO Kunal Anand demos an open-source LANGSEC data visualization at OWASP AppSecCA 2016.
Prevoty Overview with CEO Julien Bellanger
Interview with Prevoty CEO
2 Minutes on BrightTALK: Cross-Site Scripting and How to Prevent It
Prevoty CTO Kunal Anand discusses why cross-site scripting attacks are so prevalent and what can be done from an organization standpoint to defend against them.
RSA 2016 Innovation Sandbox Pitch
Witness the Top 10 Finalists battle for the coveted title of 2016 Most Innovative Startup at RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest.
FinDEVr NY 2016: Signatures are Dead: Time to get Fluent in LANGSEC
Prevoty Co-Founder and CTO Kunal Anand took the stage at FinDEVr New York 2016 to showcase the latest innovation n runtime application security: LANGSEC.
Prevoty for Application Development Teams
Application Developers and DevOps have a critical stake in security. Here's how Prevoty helps.
RSA 2016: New Approaches to Cloud Security
Prevoty’s VP of Marketing & Product Arpit Joshipura talks about the future of AppSec at RSA 2016
Before and After: Installing Prevoty Plug-in for Java
Using Java as an example, we demonstrate how easy it is to add Prevoty to your application.
Prevoty: 100 seconds on how it works
Prevoty delivers RASP (Runtime Application Self Protection). Learn how it works in this short video.
Prevoty for Security Professionals
How would security professionals benefit from runtime application self-protection?


Prevoty Datasheet
An overview of Prevoty’s application security products and how they can help enterprises improve their SSDLC


Solution Brief: Prevoty for SharePoint Applications
A technical detailed view of how Prevoty makes Sharepoint more secure
Improving your Secure SDLC (SSDLC) with Prevoty
Prevoty helps organizations release secure code rapidly by reducing the challenges of implementing SSDLC
Prevoty Enterprise: A Technical Overview
A deeper look at how the Prevoty security product applies to enterprises.
Guide to Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)
Evaluating RASP? This guide walks through main evaluation criteria, questions to ask vendors, and top use cases.