What if you could make applications protect themselves?

Instantly Improve Your Secure SDLC (SSDLC) & dramatically reduce the costs of secure coding.

In an ideal world, you could "bake" security directly into your code and seamlessly implement a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) without hampering delivery timelines. But even if you have your teams adhering to secure coding practices you probably still need to remediate a backlog of vulnerabilities in legacy applications -- many of which are outside of your control.

Download this Secure SDLC whitepaper to learn:

  • What is the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) methodology and what does it look like in practice?
  • Why the best secure coding practices aren't stopping hackers
  • Flexile Deployment (SDK or Plug-in, public/private cloud or virtual machine)
  • How built-in application security can intercept zero-day attacks (such as XSS, SQLi, CSRF, MiTM) before the app even sees it

Strong application security is not a nice-to-have.  But ideally it doesn't have to delay application release timelines or require additional resources. If you agree with us, this SSDLC whitepaper is a must read.

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