Stop Application Attacks

Application Security testing has matured and gone mainstream.  The most popular testing solutions are inexpensive, fast and easy to use on your application portfolio.  The result: a mountain of latent vulnerabilities but not enough time, talent or treasure to adequately investigate and address them all leaving you exposed and anxious...

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Use Limited Resources Wisely

Congratulations!  You’ve scanned every line of every application used by your organization and know where every possible Application Security weakness is. Unfortunately, your Secure Software Development Lifecycle program is already running at peak capacity.  How do you best prioritize where to spend your limited resources?  Do you spend more time on your High Risk, externally-facing applications remediating Low Severity vulnerabilities or shift gears and focus on your Low Risk, internally-facing applications? What key information are you missing?..

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DevSecOps without the Speed Bump

For your organization DevOps is real.  Your development efforts are iterative, incremental and informed by real end-user feedback. You frequently push to production using a well-orchestrated pipeline of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools. You’re able to cost-effectively scale resources to match demand...

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Increase Signal to Noise Ratio

Production data centers are noisy places.  You have dozens of different types of things generating “data exhaust” from network appliances, to virtual machines and containers, to operating systems, to databases and web servers, to custom and third-party applications.  You are logging, collecting and keeping everything in your SIEM / Log Manager…just in case.

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Pivotal Web Services

With feature-rich platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Webservices and IBM Bluemix providing and maintaining the infrastructure, it’s never been easier to create and deploy enterprise-class applications.  However, an unfortunate side-effect of the increased convenience is decreased visibility, particularly related to the data contained in the underlying databases managed by the IaaS/PaaS provider.

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Make Compliance Less Painful

Yes, “compliance” does not equal “security”.  However, various security and data privacy laws, regulations, and standards such as FISMA, HIPAA, PCI, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO 27001 and many others have arisen in response to the need for a map or checklist of security best practices and as enforcement vehicles to protect your end users from harm.  In many cases, your compliance obligations have significant legal and financial consequences for your organization in the event of a “failed audit” or worse, a data breach.

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