DevSecOps without the Speed Bump

Get Speed, Scale & Security

For your organization DevOps is real.  Your development efforts are iterative, incremental and informed by real end-user feedback.  You frequently push to production using a well-orchestrated pipeline of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery tools.  You’re able to cost-effectively scale resources to match demand.

Except for when you can’t.  You can’t because the Application Security Testing tools you’ve automated as part of the release process keep blocking your release pipeline.  Critical vulnerabilities are often identified putting the brakes on the process while the team figures out which issues must be remediated and how.  Is Security really compatible with DevOps?  Or will it always slow things down?

Prevoty is the first Application Security solution designed with DevOps in mind.  Prevoty travels with the application from the very beginning, providing sophisticated security controls inside the application without complex set-up or external dependencies.  Critical vulnerabilities are mitigated from the start, satisfying your Application Security scanning tools and allowing you to push to Production faster, at scale and with security on-board.  While in Production, Prevoty provides additional monitoring data useful for further security improvements.

Curious to learn more about Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)?

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