Increase Signal to Noise Ratio

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Production data centers are noisy places.  You have dozens of different types of things generating “data exhaust” from network appliances, to virtual machines and containers, to operating systems, to databases and web servers, to custom and third-party applications.  You are logging, collecting and keeping everything in your SIEM / Log Manager…just in case.

The volume, velocity and variety of information to deal with can be overwhelming.  How do you quickly find indicators of compromise such as authentication, authorization and transaction fraud?  How do you connect the dots between network, database and application activity?  How do you tie exploit attempts back to weaknesses in the applications you rely on?

Data in SIEM but Where is the Attacker?

As an Application Security control, embedded in your applications from the start, Prevoty “sees” the connections between the user, the application and the infrastructure as your applications run in Production.  Bad actors attempting unwanted behavior in your app are caught red-handed and a detailed log event is generated containing the pre-correlated details: who, what, where, when and how.  Along with purpose-built Prevoty SIEM dashboards, Prevoty makes it easy to see application layer attacks as they happen.

Prevoty Automatically Identifies the Attacker before SIEM Upload

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