Protect Your Data

Prevent Data Exfiltration from Your Cloud

With feature-rich platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal Webservices and IBM Bluemix providing and maintaining the infrastructure, it’s never been easier to create and deploy enterprise-class applications.  However, an unfortunate side-effect of the increased convenience is decreased visibility, particularly related to the data contained in the underlying databases managed by the IaaS/PaaS provider.

In moving to the cloud, have you lost the ability to easily detect and prevent unintended access and exfiltration of your data?  How do you leverage the convenience of the cloud but maintain your own data security obligations?

Fortunately, you can have both convenience and control with Prevoty.  As a part of your application, Prevoty’s database security controls travel with the application to wherever it’s deployed.  Providing visibility and protection from within your application itself, unauthorized database access and unwanted data exfiltration are prevented in real-time enhancing any Database Activity Monitoring controls you may already have in place.  Database security events with details about the attempted data breach including the application user and the queries they ran are logged for correlation with other events in your SIEM.

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